Blueline Hardwoods

Founded and operating in Long Lake, NY, in the heart of Adirondack State Park, Blueline Hardwoods sets a new standard for hardwood retail and millwork. As a retail supplier of hardwood lumber, locally-sourced lumber, hardwood flooring, and boat building materials, we’re well-regarded for quality and fair pricing. For millwork services, customers continually rely on us for custom cabinetry, molding, and solid surface countertops and tabletops.

Lumber Retail for New York Businesses

Blueline Hardwoods is dedicated to delivering New York builders, contractors, remodelers, designers, boat manufacturers, boat owners, and homeowners the material they need to see their vision come to life. By focusing on the best hardwood as well as locally-sourced lumber sources, we deliver a product that’s unmatched in quality and price.

Millwork Services and Beyond

When it comes to custom millwork, our know-how, quality workmanship, and fair pricing keep our customers coming back again and again. Whether custom cabinetry, molding, and countertops, and tabletops or sanding and planing, we have the millwork services that get the job done just right. At the heart of Blueline Hardwoods is a passion for woodworking and problem-solving. We put them together to create amazing, unique solutions.

Impacting Long Lake, NY and Surround Communities

In 2016, Brian Penrose purchased Blueline Hardwoods. Blueline became part of Brian’s New Jersey-based commercial cabinetry company Corporate Service Solutions (CSS), increasing CSS’s already-impressive capabilities and giving the company a New York shop. It also gave Brian another opportunity to serve and impact his community.

As a tree grows strong firmly rooted in the ground, Blueline Hardwoods also grows deeply rooted in the Long Lake community and Adirondack region. Having built an expansive long-term business plan, Brian is dedicated to Blueline Hardwoods’ growth. And that growth means more tax revenue, jobs, and attention to the region.

Long Lake is renowned for its beauty. Blueline is dedicated to keeping it beautiful while showcasing to the world the beautiful things Long Lake creates.

Looking Toward the Future

Blueline installed in 2016 a state-of-the-art briquette press that turns milling byproducts (wood dust and chips) into a renewable energy source. The 7,000 square foot facility is heated with a super efficient gasification wood boiler that exceeds all EPA standards. Now, with the installation of its briquette press, we are utilizing 100% of the waste products and leaving less of a carbon footprint.

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